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Holt Carpets
Holt Carpets

We cover the whole of the North Norfolk area including Holt, Sheringham, Blakeney, Wells and The Burnhams.
You can be assured of a top quality service.

A FREE measuring service is available to our customers.
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Choosing your flooring
Carpet tiles are a very practical solution especially for kitchens, bathrooms and odd shaped rooms. Carpet tiles can be laid and made to look like a sheet carpet or they can be laid in a chequerboard fashion.
The fact that they are tiles means if one or two get damaged you do not need to replace the whole floor.
Carpet tiles are made To be hard-wearing, they are ideal for use under desks and for castor wheel chairs to operate freely.
Carpet tile brands we stock include, Huega.

You can choose from many thousands of carpet styles and colors.  That means your ultimate choice will reflect how you want to personalize your living space.  Carpet can be a neutral foundation, or it can be a focal point with vibrant colours and stronger bolder patterns and textures.

Carpet is ideal for cushioning our footsteps, reducing slips and falls and minimizing injuries when falls do occur. Carpet provides safety protection for the whole family, but especially for toddlers and older individuals.

Big screen TVs, speaker phones, computers and modern sound systems make our homes noisy places. Carpet helps absorb these sounds. Adding a cushion pad beneath your carpet reduces noise even further.  Carpet also works as a sound barrier between floors by helping to block sound transmission to rooms below.  And carpet on stairs helps mask the sound of constant foot traffic.
Carpet brands we stock include: Kingsmead Carpets, Cormar Carpets, Abingdon Flooring, Associated Weavers, Furlong Flooring, Regency Carpets, Victoria Carpets, Brintons Carpets, Woodward Grosvenor, Georgian Carpets, Adam Carpets, Hugh Mackey Carpets, Whitestone Weavers, Brockway Carpets, Mr Tomkinson, Westex Carpets, Ryalux Carpets, Flotex, Crucial Trading, Alternative Flooring, Ulster Carpets, Axminster Carpets, Belvedere Carpets, Clarendon carpets, Cavalier Carpets, Gaskell Woolrich, Louis de Poortere, Mohawk, Penthouse Carpets, William Pownall.

Laminate flooring is typically half the cost of traditional hardwood flooring. Sometimes the savings are even greater, depending on the types of flooring in question. This is due to the nature of the product, laminate is an image printed on wood, whereas solid wood is a whole block of wood, much better quality wood. It requires different treatments and finishes.

Installing laminate doesn’t involve nails, and more recently has done away with glue as well in many cases. Laminate flooring can therefore be installed fairly quickly and inexpensively.
Laminate flooring is generally designed to be scratch-resistant and fade resistant, two areas where solid hardwood flooring is known to be more vulnerable.

Laminate flooring brands we stock include: Lifestyle Floors, Balterio, Quick Step, Woodpecker.
Make an architectural statement with our extensive naturals collection. Choose from seagrass, sisal, coir and jute.
Invite a world of monsoon-grown grasses, Goan beaches and coconut husks into your home. Natural flooring looks great, but its the feeling inside that really counts.

Seagrass – Grown in coastal meadows on the banks of Vietnamese rivers, Seagrass is as textural and tropical as it gets. Effortlessly uplifting in relaxing rooms, seagrass weaves light into everyday life.
Sisal –  Versatile and hard-wearing, it’s ideal for halls and stairs. Chunky sisals glow with multi-hued depth. Fine sisal is intricate and softly tactile.

Mountain Grass – has a charm of its own, distinctive by the loose weave and natural irregularities, our Mountain Grass flooring is golden and multi-toned. Bring the outdoors in.

Coir – Full of natural goodness, coir comes crafted from Indian coconut husk fibres softened in sea water. Hearty and homely, rich and resilient, coir is husky, fibrous and tactile. Lay it wall-to-wall for a golden, multi-hued sense of wellbeing.

Jute – Hand-harvested from the tiliaceae plant and soft as Goan sand, jute’s as natural and uplifting as golden sunshine. Soft and silken in tight bouclé or herringbone, it’s ideal for relaxing rooms. Spread the serenity around like love and laughter.

Natural Flooring brands we stock include: Crucial Trading, Alternative Flooring, Fibre, Kersaint Cobb.
Vinyl flooring is one of the best flooring options for your home but it seems that many people don’t recognise the full range of benefits that it provides.  That’s why we’ve put together this guide, so that you can remember the beauty of vinyl flooring and perhaps choose to use it in your home.

One of the biggest benefits of vinyl flooring is the sheer amount of options that you get design wise.  Vinyl flooring is available in just about any colour and pattern that you can think of. You can choose from solid colours, or from a range of patterns including those that mimic other flooring types including natural stone, wood, and tiles. It comes in different textures as well, from completely smooth to attractive pebbled textures.   Vinyl flooring can also be laid in sheets or as tiles, giving you even more choice in how your flooring looks, as you decide how it is actually laid.  You can also have non slip finishes applied for safety.
Vinyl flooring brands we stock include: Halls, Tarkett, Rhinofloor, Beau Flor, Gerflor, Novilon, Leoline
With Holt Carpets You can be assured of a top quality service.

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